From 2014 - 2017 Joshie100x served as Art Director for acclaimed streetwear brand Second Nature. The following show some of his endeavors with the brand.

SECOND NATURE: Experience .01

The "Experience .01" is the highly anticipated debut collection from Second Nature. Upon their opening, Second Nature focused heavily on displaying the versatility of the trio as they embarked on their first pop up/exhibition displaying clothing, interactive installations and projection displays produced by Joshie100x and Sirfawn. The Experience served as a glimpse of what was to come from the trinity team. "The Experience" was held at Electric Studios in Midtown Detroit, housing admirers of fashion, anime, manga, and fine art, for a full day of mesmeric bliss and ushered in a new type of Detroit culture. The event was sold out and was hailed as being a breath of fresh air in and around the Detroit area.


The next time around, Second Nature extended their prowess and exposed their followers to an even more immersive pop up exhibition than before in being 1/4 clothing factions that banded together for the "Unfinished Business" pop up held at Detroitwick in Eastern Market, Detroit. The idea here was to cultivate four individual crowds that supported each group, and house them all under one roof for a night of art and show mini collections made specifically for the exhibition. Here 100x focused on his hometown of Detroit, MI as the inspiration for the collection, aptly naming it, NEODETROIT. Drawing influences from Master Masamune Shirow's artisty, and Yusuke Murata's Metal Bat character from the acclaimed "One Punch Man" manga series, 100x effortlessly blended these elements together to formulate a collection that is still felt to this day becoming an even more rare commodity for any collector of the brand.


For the third and final venture, Second Nature went all out for their second full collection comprised of one of a kind bamboo cotton t-shirts in pink, oatmeal, and grey colorways. The designs consisted of Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, and Gundam inspired graphics, over buttery soft textiles. Originally releasing online for a black Friday websale, Second Nature doubled back around for a memorable exhibition for the collection at Art Basel: Miami 2017. The most hailed collection in the brands history, it was met with acclaim from audiences and followers of the brand for the quality and attention to detail shown in the release. After wrapping up the collection, Second Nature took a prolonged hiatus, leaving room for a possible return in the future for more ventures.


The long awaited debut webcomic from artist Joshie100x. Created as a tribute to his hometown of Detroit, MI.