50 years in the future, what remains of planet Earth is nothing but a firery ruin of what it once was. In the year 2018, the world was plummeted into all out nuclear WWIII between the then United States of America and then North Korea and their respective allies. The war engulfed everyone and everything into the conflict, and in the end, neither side was able to claim the victory. The result of conflict left all life in shambles with little hope for future generations. In the year 2068, fifty years after the start of the war, and approximately 39 years after the end of the war, those remaining called for a truce and began to rebuild and salvalge what they could. These efforts resulted in four viable NEO cities being built, NEO-Paris, NEO- Tokyo, NEO- Moscow, and NEO-Detroit, giving birth to a temporary NEO-World. In the future, there is no currency and no ammunition based weaponry. Most people spend their time partying and awaiting the impending destruction of an unstable planet Earth...



In this epilogue issue, we get a glimpse into the psyche of our cast in the moments leading up to their final battle. NEODETROIT goes from being viewed in a macro scope, showing the destruction of our once beautiful earth, to the now desolate version that we've come to know in our through our story. What secrets lie beneath, begging to surface? Find out in NEODETROIT 2: THE EPILOGUE

The reigning champion of the “Crucible of Burned and Slashed Fire.” She has a pretty enlarged chip on her shoulder since she’s had to fend for herself since she was a little girl. In 2018, the world was nearly destroyed by WWIII between what was the United States of America, and North Korea and their allies. While most of the world lies in a blaze of fiery ruin and radioactive fallout, those remaining banned together and salvaged what they could, resulting in four futuristic, NEO cities. In light of there only being four known viable cities on planet Earth in the year 2068, most people spend their time partying and waiting for the impending doom the planet. There is no currency and no ammunition based weaponry in the NEO-world, everything is free and readily available. With no family, June lives her life on the edge with little care or compassion for others, only concerned with revenge and her own sense of self-righteousness!
First Name: June Last Name: Holliday
Known Alias: Bumble Bee; the Deadly Sting
Age: 23. Height: 5’7”
Affiliation: N/A

Weapon of Choice: Mourning and Evening - Twin Shingi-Zukuri Katana Swords



After fighting through enemy after enemy in the crucible of Slashed and Burned Fire, June finally has her chance to face the overlord and Baron of NEODETROIT, Xero. June's been after Xero for a long time, constantly taunting him while battling in his trials all for the opportunity to face him in one-on-one combat. What will happen now that she has her shot at redemption? Find out in the final Issue of NEODETROIT; NEODETROIT 3!!..

The Baron of NEODETROIT, XERO is the chancellor of the only remaining hub in what was the United States of America. While little is known about who he is, and his ascension to Baron, it is known that he is the most feared warrior in NEODETROIT wielding two Shingi-Zukuri Katana swords with blades so thin that they can cut through nearly any substance.
First Name: XERO Last Name: Unknown
Known Alias: The Giver; Baron 0
Age: Unknown Height: Approximately 6’5”
Affiliation: NEODETROIT

Weapon of Choice: Mourning and Evening - Twin Shingi-Zukuri Katana Swords